Colt Express – Marshal & Prisoners

Play the Marshal… for Law, Order and Honor!

Play the bandits… for Money!

Colt Express  takes a new direction with Marshal & Prisoners.

The bandits have to face a clever and super strong Marshal now. Indeed this character is now played by one of the players and has his own goals. He wins the game if he achieves them before the end of the fifth round. A new car stands at the back of the train: the Prison car. This is the place not to be for the bandits. Beware not to be caught and try to get the money however.

A newcomer is in the train: Mei, the agile climber. She is an accomplished acrobat. The Marshal has trouble catching her and she knows that.



Samuel Ford, the Marshal, takes actions, different from the bandits, he has his own methods. Of course, the capture of the bandits is one of his goals. The vilains finish their turn in prison if they bump into the Marshal in the train. Samuel Ford is like a superhero: he moves and climbs faster than anyone else. It must be hard being a Bandit.

Last but not least the Marshal has two guns and he fires special bullets. These ones give the targeted Bandit a penalty: they desarm, injure your shoulder or knee, make you drop the bag you are carrying.

Special Targets

The Marshal goals are of two kinds: to capture a specific bandit: simple but not easy and to complete a special task such as shooting every bandit or preventing the mail bag from being stolen.

Samuel Ford becomes a target too. He can be shot or punched by bandits who win a reward (Gold, Silver and Bronze Punch).

The Prisoners

Inside the Prison car where the Marshal sends the bandits, there are some apprentices, who are learning from the now famous bandits of Colt Express. You can free them and they will help you providing a new ability or looting for you.

Copy or not Copy?

The bandits have a new action available: the Brilliant Idea. It allows them to escape the Prison car, to free the Prisoners but also to copy the last action played by a bandit.

Mei, the Chinese acrobat

When Mei changes of floor, she can move “diagonally” to the other floor of an adjacent car.


  • 1 Prison car
  • 1 Marshal figure
  • 2 Character sheets
  • 1 Horse
  • 2 Mailbags and 1 Purse
  • 92 cards
    •  7 Brilliant Idea cards
    • 7 Wanted posters
    • 18 Mei cards
    • 23 Marshal cards
    • 14 Marshal’s goal cards
    • 13 Round cards
    • 3 Brawler cards

Marshal & Prisoners trailer