Rising to the Stars

  • Antoine Bauza & Bruno Cathala

  • Maëva Da Silva & Christine Deschamps

  • Ian Parovel

  • 6 years old and up

  • from 2 to 6

  • 20 minutes

  • June 2015

  • Out of Print

Based on the film

In The Little Prince – Rising to the Stars, each player flies his very own plane and goes to meet the Little Prince. Follow in the Little Girl’s wake…

Leaving the Grand-Father’s house, the aviators cross the boundaries of imagination and try to reach the Little Prince. Will they succeed?

Along the path, the pilots catch Stars from the clouds or the Story tiles. At the end of the game, the player with the most stars is the winner.

La bande-annonce du film

From clouds to clouds

The goal of the game is to move her plane stopping by the right places to get stars. Each player has the same set of 8 Fox cards at the beginning of the game.

At his turn, an aviator plays a card el in front of him and moves his plane on the route of clouds according to the number indicated on the card. There are three kinds of clouds:

  • the Clouds offering Stars,
  • the Bird Clouds offering new cards, to go further,
  • the Telescope-Clouds, that are a surprise.

The boundaries of imagination

Three times during the journey, the aviators enter the Little Girl’s imagination. Each player who crosses on of these boundaries earns a Story tile. The first to cross chooses among six tiles; The following players make do with the remaining tiles.


When a plane comes on a cloud where another already is, the player has to pick a card in his opponent’s hand and give hime back one of his cards.

An original turn order

The player who is the furthest from the finish point is the one who plays. This way, no player is left behind.

This unusual rule make the game tactical. Indeed, the same aviator can play several cards in a row if he is still the furthest behind.

The contents

Eight movable route parts are assembled to form a different track each game.

  • 8 Route parts
  • 5 Paper plane tiles
  • 18 Story tiles
  • 12 Telescope tokens
  • 36 Star tokens
  • 12 Grand-father cards
  • 48 Fox cards
  • 6 wooden Planes

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