Yggdrasil Chronicles

If you always dream of embodying a God

Embody the Gods of Nordic myths

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Open the book of Skalds,  
that tells about the twilight of the Gods.
The ash cosmic tree
Supporting the 9 worlds is in jeopardy.
The Ragnarök is approaching.
Predicted since the dawn of time
The last battle is starting now.
You, mighty among the Norse gods,
Have to face the relentless attack of Evil Forces.

Your only aim: to prevent them from destroying Yggdrasil.

Yggdrasil Chronicles is a captivating and immersive cooperative game, with various game modes including a 6 replayable scenarios, a 2 player mode and a single player mode.

The players embody the Gods browsing the World TreeYggdrasil  to repel their enemies. To eradicate these plagues that threaten the very life of the cosmic ash, they can count on the support of the Nordic peoples and creatures, their abilities and the power of their divine artifacts. But even more, their cooperation and their Relationships will enable them to overcome the perfidy of Surt, Hel, Iormungand, Fenrir, Loki and Nidhögg.

Are you ready for an immersion into the Nordic Mythology Hall of Fame?

For silence I pray all sacred children,
Great and small, sons of Heimdall
They will that I Valfather’s deeds recount,
Men’s ancient saws, those that I best remember.
The Iotunns I remember early born,
Those who I of old have reared.
I nine worlds remember, nine trees,
The great central Tree, beneath the earth.

=Visions of Vala=

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Yggdrasil Chronicles is played in rounds. 

At the beginning of each round, players simultaneously draw an Ennemy card from their deck and place it face down on the Wheel of the Enemies.

Then in the order chosen by the players themselves each player performs the 3 following steps:

  • Reveal an ennemy (mandatory): if a card from the same Enemy is already visible on the Wheel of the Enemies then the Enemy is immediatly activated.
  • Move on Yggdrasil: each world allows to realize a specific action.
  • Act: options are fighting, performing the action of the world or heal the tree.

Brothers will fight
And kill each other,
Cousins will break
The bonds of their relationship.
It will be harsh for heroes,
Much depravity.

=Voluspa, strophe 45=

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The Ennemies

SurtHelIormungandFenrirLoki and Nidhögg

When an Enemy is activated, it moves and triggers an effect.

  • Each enemy moves in a certain way on the world tree, with the exception of Nidhögg who advances on the book of Sagas and indicates if our heroes are approaching the outcome of the scenario. If one Enemy joins another, they ravage the world where they are, depriving the players of the associated action.
  • The effects vary similarly from one enemy to another. They can for example generate the rotation of a level of the World Tree, hurt the active hero, activate Iotunns whose blocking powers come to disrupt the plans of the Gods, or simply … end the game.

Once the resolution is done, the respective owners of the 2 cards that activated the Enemy retrieve them and place them beneath their Enemy decks without shuffling.

If you can memorize the order of Enemy cards in your deck, you may be able to predict their arrival and plan the gods’ actions more efficiently.

The Worlds

Alfheim, Vanaheim, Asgard, Midgard, Nidavellir, Svartalfheim, Iotunheim, Niflheim and Muspellheim

Every world offers a different action. The choice of moving to one of the two other Worlds, on the same level where you stand (without changing level) or to one of the two Worlds directly above or below the World where you stand (level change), shall be judicious and concerted.

Especially since the presence of Gods and / or Enemies on the world you target conditions the action you can perform:

  • Fight one of the Enemies located on the world to repel it
  • Perform one action on the World, with a bonus if another God is present or with a malus if an Enemy is on the World
  • Heal the tree is the World is devastated. 
Yggdrasil, frêne cosmique

For example, the worlds allow you to reduce the strength of some Enemies, gain artifacts or improve your ability to prevent risks while fighting.

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He gorges The life of doomed men,
Reddens gods’ halls with red gore.
Dark is sunshine after, All weathers hostile.

=Voluspa, verse 41=

About the Risks

You always win the Fights you trigger, and you can always perform a Risky Action, but in both cases, you Risk losing Life Points. Level of involved risk depends on the action itself or the Strength of the fought Enemy.

Each time you take a Risk, you can prevent negative effects by using Heroes from Valhalla and throwing the dice. You can increase the size of your dices pool with the help of the Vanes and modify the values of dice roll thanks to Elves. You may also benefit from an Artifact you possess.

Each risk you can’t prevent will lose you 1 Life Point.

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Frigg received solemn promises
So that Baldr should not be harmed
By fire and water,
Iron and all kinds of metal,
Stones, the earth, trees, diseases,
The animals, the birds, poison, snakes.

=Edda, by Snorri Sturluson=

The Gods Arsenal

To face the danger threatening the World Tree, you, Gods, happily can count on:

  • the unwavering support of many Allies that accompany you in this legendary quest: Elves, Vanes, Heroes
  • the devotion of the Creatures to help you saving Yggdrasil: Norns, birds, forest animals, horses…
  • your Skills, which can evolve in Campaign mode: starting troops, fight abilities, privileged relationships with other gods
  • and Divine Powers proper to each, usable as many times as necessary in each party.
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The fiery clouds open before the sons of Muspell.
The fire and the ice are blowing on the Bifrost,
The ark between the worlds is about to sink.
The smoke swirls, heralding the final battle.

End of the game or of the Campaign

In discovery mode, the game ends and players win all together as soon as Nidhögg reaches the Tree symbol in the Sagas Book.

All players immediately lose all together, , if either of the following losing conditions is met:

  • On God lose their last Life Point.
  • An Enemy is activated and you cannot apply its effect.

In Campaign mode some other losing conditions may occur.

The sun will go dark, earth sink in the sea,
From heaven Vanish bright stars.
Steam surges, And life’s warmer fire,
high flame flickers Against the very sky.

=Voluspa, verse 55 =

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Now is the time to board on this epic quest on the far reaches of Valhalla.

Gather your brothers, rally your supporters, get artifacts and discover the northern legend of the Yggdrasil world-tree!

A collaborative and immersive epic in Nordic mythology to be published on November 1st, 2019 if the Ragnarök did not start by then!